About us

“Together for Uganda e.V.” was founded in 2004 by a group of individuals confronted by Ugandan relatives and friends with the numerous problems of the life situation - especially of children - in that country.

The association was created not to continue to watch idly and helplessly, but to actively influence and improve the living situation of the Ugandan people. It's a not-profit association making use of donated funds through direct and personal contact exclusively and directly for the benefit of leniency.

At present, the association has been able to raise about 950,000€ through donations since 2004 and invest in various projects on site. The administrative costs are less than 0.5%.
This year, the limit of 1,000,000€ is expected to be reached.
Further information about the work of the association can also be found in the various reports.

Aim of the association

The purpose of the association is within Uganda / Africa the promotion of health care, education, youth and elder care, environment and landscape protection. Assisted people in Uganda.
The association exclusively and directly pursues common purpose within the meaning of §52 AO.

Our initiative

The members of the association collect donations for projects and provide sponsorships, which are selected and accompanied by club members in cooperation with doctors, teachers, helpers, private persons and private and public bodies. It establishes direct contact between the donors and recipients (if desired) to ensure transparency and promote international understanding.

Our motivation

The motivation for our work comes from the desire to improve the lives of the local people a little bit. Through our regular visits of the people at their places of residence, we experience at first hand the positive effects of our help on the adults, the children and the whole village community.

Our vision

The vision is to empower and motivate people to help themselves more and more to improve their life situation. In our view, a comprehensive education of children, based on decent living conditions, is a fundamental necessity. On this basis, they can develop self-confidently according to their abilities and make a meaningful contribution in the community in the future.