School sponsorships

By sponsoring a school, you enable a child to have a good education. At the moment, we exclusively take care of 125 children from pre-school through primary school to secondary school, which can be completed by the pupils after the 11th grade with the Realschulabschluss (O-Level Examen) or after the 13th grade with the Abitur (A-Level Examen).
The sponsorship contribution in the area of pre-school and primary school (pre-school to 7th grade) is currently 160 Euro or 220 Euro (for boarding school pupils) per year. The costs for pupils of the secondary schools amount to 250 Euro per year. In addition to school fees (tuition and two meals a day, three meals a day in the boarding school), the sponsorship contributions for pupils also include money for school uniforms, sweaters, exercise books, pens, soap, detergents and skin cream.
Our association considers it very important that both the sponsored children and the sponsors (at least as far as the information is concerned) are looked after personally. In Uganda these tasks are taken over by Waltraud Ndagijimana, who comes from Germany. She knows each child and each family personally and is regularly informed about family and school developments. If you are interested, this information will also be passed on to the sponsoring families.
The selection of the sponsored children and sponsored families requires careful consultation with our local contacts Mrs. Ndagijimana and the nurse Katto, who is responsible at the national health service for the care of AIDS orphans and particularly poor families. For this reason, new sponsored children and families are selected only twice a year during the stays of members of the association in Mutolere. The most important criteria for the selection of the children are always their living conditions, about which Sister Katto in particular is well informed through her regular home visits.
All sponsored children come from families living in extreme poverty. Most of them are also AIDS orphans. Some of them are half-orphans who live together with their siblings and the remaining parent. Others are orphans who are usually taken in by their grandparents or close relatives.

Children at the St George-School are looking forward to our visit
Everybody would like to be included in the photo
Support of godchildren at the St. George-School
Godchildren pick up school utensils from Mrs Ndagajimana…
…and are happy about a soft drink
Godchildren in conversation with Marlies Arns, the founder of the association
Sponsored children from St Gertrude's Girls' High School collected their school supplies from Mrs Ndagajimana
Group photo of the sponsored children at St Paul's Boys' High School
Two godchildren are the pride of the family
Grandpa Joseh and Grandma Maria with their grandchildren from the sponsorship program of the association
Exchange of information with the sponsored children from St Gertrude's girls' grammar school
Exchange of information with the sponsored children from St Gertrude's girls' grammar school
Information exchange with the sponsored children from St Pauls Jungen-Gymnasium
Girl at St Gertrude's Girls' High School
Children at St Georg Primary School in front of a diagram on the school wall
Boys at St Paul's boys' grammar school
Lesson plan at St Pauls Jungen-Gymnasium
Small demonstration at the meeting with the godchildren at St Pauls Jungen-Gymnasium
Children at the St Georg Primary School during lessons
Assembly of the girls at St Gertrude's girls' grammar school
Dormitory of the children at St George Primary School
Waiting for the beginning of the welcoming event

We strive to let children of primary school age live with their families wherever possible, because family ties are very important for people in Africa. It gives identity and security to the children who have already experienced many negative things. Since most of the new sponsored children are of primary school age (1st to 7th grade), they attend boarding school in the first five classes only in particularly difficult cases. The pupils of the 6th and 7th grade, on the other hand, are all boarding school pupils because the better working conditions in the boarding school (e.g. illuminated rooms also in the learning times after 6 p.m.) enable them to prepare optimally for their state final examinations at the end of the 7th grade, the completion of which decides on their further school attendance.
The secondary schools in Mutolere (8th to 13th grade) are boarding schools, the older children therefore only come home during the holidays and on individual weekends in the year. Children who are in education usually live at home.
Please understand that we can only ensure the quality of our work with regard to the children and their families if we gradually include new children in the programme and also set an upper limit for the number of sponsorships.
Of course we inform the sponsors about upcoming changes, e.g. the school change of the sponsored children. Once a year all sponsors receive a letter and a current photo of their sponsored child. Gladly we make possible for the godparents to step also by letters directly with your godchild into contact.
If you are interested please read our document frequently asked questions (link the document accordingly).