There are many orphans in Uganda whose parents died of AIDS. Other children are often denied access to comprehensive education due to their parents' poverty.
With an annual amount of 160 Euro and above, you enable a child or adolescent to be educated from elementary school through to completed vocational training or until graduation.
In addition, families can also be supported by donations. Here, the focus is on families where one parent has died and the remaining parent is unable to feed their children.
Frequently asked questions about sponsorships are answered here: Sponsors - frequently asked questions
If you are interested to a sponsorship please read current information. Here you can get information which sponsorship we are currently able to facilitate.



School sponsorships
Support of godchildren at the St. George-School
Training sponsorships
Patenschaften unterstützen auch bei der praktischen Ausbildung
Study sponsorships
Our sponsored child Herbert is now principal at a Secondary School on the border to Kenya.
family sponsorships
Many children look for food and accommodation with their relatives