School infrastructure measures

When addressing the various schools in our area of activity, we repeatedly find that the infrastructure often lacks the simplest things. The number of classes in primary schools is often very high (up to 100 children per class). Sometimes there are no dense roofs, sometimes there are no classrooms, sometimes there are no cooking and eating facilities, sometimes there is no water or electric light. In the past, the association has always provided spontaneous help and financial support. For the larger projects, German schools in the Neuss area were often found to collect donations through sponsoring runs or other events in order to support projects of this kind.

Construction of a new classroom at St. George Primary School
Construction of new classrooms at the girls secondary school
Construction of new classrooms at the girls secondary school
Equipment of school buildings with gutters …
… and rain barrels
Old classrooms at St. Marys Primary School
Due to lack of space the lessons are held in the church rooms.
In 2019 two new classrooms were built for the St. Marys Primary School.
Solar lamps for learning support during power outages
Use of solar lamps
Equipment of a school with a solar system
Old school kitchen in Mutolere Primary School
Children collect stones for the foundation of the new school kitchen
New school kitchen in Mutoere Primary School
Finished dining hall near the new school kitchen at Mutolere Primary School
  • Project start
  • End of projectongoing
  • Investment by donations27.000 €

In recent years, financial support has been provided for the construction of classrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, solar panels, gutters and water tanks in various schools. Since in 2018 two further schools, the St. Marys Primary School and the Kagera Primary School, were taken from our sphere of activity into the focus of the association, this work will also continue in a similar way at these schools.