Computers for schools

For high school students, learning how to use computers is becoming increasingly important. Universities are now assuming that students have their own notebooks. In the past, only ancient equipment was available at grammar schools that was no longer suitable for appropriate instruction. The association has decided to support grammar schools in equipping them with notebooks. In recent years, about 20 notebooks and two beamers have been purchased from donations and made available to the schools.

Computer with radio telephone as connection to the Internet
Old equipment with discarded PCs
Computer lessons with new notebooks
The teacher has a beamer in addition to his notebook
Everyone is proud of the certificate they have acquired
Teachers must likewise learn handling computers
Pupils of the training workshop with the computer instruction
  • Project start2010
  • End of project2015
  • Investment by donations13.000 €

In the future, young people from the sponsorship programme who have graduated from high school and have acquired a place at a university in Uganda will also be equipped with a notebook.