A meal for every school child

The local Mutolere Primary School is attended by about 1200 school children. Of these school children, about 900 children can bring something to eat from home or go home for lunch. About 150 children receive their lunch from a kitchen at the school because the parents pay something for it. Another 150 or so children have nothing to eat during the day. Out of necessity, they eat the grass in the schoolyard or dig up raw crops. To alleviate their plight, 150 needy children now receive a free lunch on school days .
Our goal is to ensure this assistance in the long term in good quality for all needy children. To this end, between 2017 and 2019, we have renewed the extremely dilapidated school kitchen and built a water tank and a dining room. Now the children can eat their meals in a protected environment. In addition, the school's spacious Dining Hall also serves as a multi-purpose room.

The old school kitchen …
… with cooking area
… food preparation
… Dishwashplace
… and food distribution
New kitchen … foundation
…food ­ preparation
…kitchen in operation
Dining hall under construction …
…finished dining hall
  • Project start2012
  • End of project2019
  • Investment by donations41.900 €

The aim of the project is to build a solid schoolchildren, with the help of which a daily meal can be offered to all the children in need.